Imagine Kalundborg

Imagine living

Imagine a place where a sea view is affordable. Imagine an area on the growth track where more students and high-skilled professionals relocate year after year. Imagine buying your dream home and still being able to afford life’s little luxuries.

Imagine Kalundborg.

A relocation team is ready to answer any questions you might have and can connect you to the right people. The team offers tours and introductions to sports clubs and local associations. They can provide advice on where to live based on your preferences and tell you where you can meet the locals.

The ‘Ny i Kalundborg‘ group on Facebook was set up by two Novo Nordisk employees to help newcomers get to know Kalundborg and establish a network. The group is in Danish, but feel free to communicate in English.

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5,100 people commute to Kalundborg every day from outside the municipality


58% of all household waste is recycled in Kalundborg – the Danish average is 36%


7,400 people commute out of the municipality to work elsewhere but choose to live in Kalundborg

Meet your new neighbours

The Municipality of Kalundborg is home to almost 49,000 people. Get in touch with some of them – and hear what they have to say about Kalundborg: the city, the municipality, the area.

Who better to give you an idea of what life is like in the Kalundborg area than the people actually living there?


"I like being part of a diverse community and in Kalundborg, there is room for everybody.”

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“​​In Kalundborg, we have been able to build our dream house without compromising."

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“I like living in Kalundborg. People are good at taking initiative and making things happen."

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Feel the local areas

Kalundborg offers a lot of different sceneries with their very own atmospheres - Take a look at some of the beautiful places in our municipality.

Enjoy a moment..

... in the northern part of Kalundborg

Experience how we get together..

... in the southern part of Kalundborg

Far away and close to everything..

... in the centric part of Kalundborg

Sejeroe island

- a place where being stressful is not an option