Imagine Kalundborg
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Imagine your student life

Imagine an education where you get close to companies – and get the chance to solve real-world challenges… Where you develop the tools to build a career that can help improve the world we live in. Through better solutions, better health care and greater sustainability.

Imagine Kalundborg.

Imagine student life in a city with dedicated communities. With interests spanning everything from water sports to bird watching. Where there is room for you. Not just an affordable place to live, but a place where you can make your mark. Not just close to bigger cities, but a city in its own right.

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Kalundborg Symbiosis started in 1961 as the world’s longest-functioning industrial symbiosis using one plant’s waste as another plant’s resources.


250,000. The number of solar panels in Scandinavia’s largest solar power plant at Asnæs, outside the city of Kalundborg.


There are approximately 22,000 private and public sector jobs within the Municipality of Kalundborg.

Meet some of our students

What’s student life like in Kalundborg? How do I find a place to live? How easy is it to get a student job at one of the big companies?


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